Detroit Job Seeker Resume Repair Services

Sion Recruitment offers a detailed and personal review of your resume. Some of the elements that will be considered are:
  • Clarity ( will an employer be able to understand what it is you do)
  • Content ( is the detail level correct or too little or too much)
  • Format ( the marketing aspects of your document)
  • Grammar ( including punctuation, eliminating the "I's")
  • Achievements/Accomplishments ( do they make sense)
  • Your story ( does the resume flow together presenting an accurate narrative of your career)
We go over your resume line-by-line to insure that when it is finished, you have a top quality professional marketing document!

Resume Repair Package 

This package includes a one-time, complete review of your resume. Our staff will discuss your resume with you and will work with you to create a document that will accurately represent you to potential employers.    

Cost $ 50.00

One on One Career Coaching

Certified career tutors put people on the fast track to an exciting and rewarding career. We work with you one-on-one, providing you with expert advice and guidance to identify and achieve your career goals, and will stay with you every step of the way.

  • Want a new career, but not sure what that might be?
  • Need help with your career transition?
  • Being downsized or laid off from your job and want a new career path?
  • Want to build a valuable network, but don't know how?
  • Missing job opportunities because you don't interview well?
  • Fear career success and want help to overcome it?
  • Need help to negotiate your salary?
  • Want more control of your job situation?
  • Need help transitioning from a military to civilian career?
  • Want to strengthen your leadership and management skills?


Commitment + Action = Success

$ 250.00 (Includes Resume Repair)

Our Commitment

Sion Recruitment has made a commitment to match hiring Michigan companies with skilled workers. We have a firm commitment to close the unemployment gap in Michigan cities.