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Start, enhance or change your career today with one of our Fast-Track Career Training Programs. Whether you are graduating high school looking to start your career, changing careers or recently unemployed, we have career training programs in Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Business Development to quickly get you on your way to a job.

Looking to boost your skills to increase your employability? Looking for a whole new career? Better Job Opportunities In 2020?

Entry Level Social Media Sales

Upon completion of the certification programs and Social Media Sales Professionals program, HiredInMichigan.com will share your resume with top employers for consideration. This is an excellent opportunity to launch a new career as a Social Media Selling Professional with firsthand experience and certifications to support your submission for employment.

Social Media Sales – Felon Friendly

HiredInMichigan.com develops a unified team of challenge takers, diverse thinkers, and problem solvers. We train Social Media Sales Professionals to aspire every day to be better than they were yesterday because we know success means never being satisfied. We believe winning requires balance - a combination of assigned work and freethinking, quick wins, and fast breaks. When Social Media Sales Professionals enjoy what they do, they do their best work. And that means everyone wins in society.

Entry Level Social Media Sales Age 17-25

Upon completion of the required Social Media Certification Programs and the Social Media Sales Professionals program, JobFairGiant.com will share your resume with top employers for consideration. This is your opportunity to earn an industry recognized certification for an in-demand career in social media and receive a tablet computer when you complete all the programs.

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New program offers former felons free social media sales job training HiredinMichigan.com is offering social media selling allowing you to engage with people via social media for business owners and then provide lead generation for them, so we're talking about business development for them.

Michigan Career Training

Many companies want to hire trained Remote Work Professionals now. The Covid-19 pandemic (and the fear it inspires) has caused many companies to change the way employees operate daily. Employees of organizations with large offices or networks of offices face especially exceptional disruptions, as they find themselves suddenly at home, trying to work.

Become A Career Professional

Michiganders are starting to consider other options for employment as many companies switch quickly to virtual workers, independent contractors, commission-only sales, and 1099 employees – the job market is opening for professionals with certifications in recruiting, sales, customer service, accounting, call center to name a few career fields.

Career Development Goals

  • Find the right challenge.

For each area you want to improve, brainstorm different ways you could learn and practice new skills or behaviors. If, for example, you want to improve your people skills, you can create an endless stream of developmental assignments by learning new ways to deal with people, face and resolve conflict, and coach employees.

  • Get educated.

Most employers prefer hiring and promoting employees who have college degrees. If you know that you have a better chance of getting promoted by having a degree, it would be worth your time and financial investment to obtain a college degree. If you have a degree, consider what skills you can learn in order to improve your job performance.

  • Do something related to your field or industry.

As your job search drags on, it is easy to begin feeling out of touch with what is happening in your field or industry. As you interview for a new position, and your resume indicates you’ve been unemployed for an extended period, it becomes an obvious question to the potential employer as well… “Is this person still current?”

  • Write a personal vision statement.

This will help you determine what type of job you want, your goals, and the steps you need to take to get your dream job. Answer the following questions and write a personal vision statement! What are my interests? What are my strengths? What skills would I like to use at my job? Where would I like to be working in one year? What do I dream of being in the future? What type of office would I like to work in? (e.g., fast/slow paced, large/small) What other things about a job do I need to make me happy? (e.g., opportunity for advancement, medical benefits, access to public transportation)

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