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Start, enhance or change your career today with one of our Fast-Track Career Training Programs. Whether you are graduating high school looking to start your career, changing careers or recently unemployed, we have career training programs in Marketing, Sales, Social Media, and Business Development to quickly get you on your way to a job.

Virtual Office Assistant Program
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A virtual office assistant can be part-time or full-time, depending on your requirements. This the perfect occupation for seniors, stay-at-home moms, students, career changers. A Virtual Office Assistant is the “essence” of solutions for small businesses and corporations.

Business Lead Generator
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Business Lead Generators are the first step in the sales and marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing a sales pipeline. Receive $250.00 incentive for completing program. Free Laptop to Keep.

Social Media Business Marketing
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Social Media Business Marketing Professionals create marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including marketing budget planning, content ideation, and marketing implementation schedules. Receive $500.00 incentive for completing program. Call Today!

Virtual Team Management Professional
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Virtual team management is an essential part of workplace team collaboration. In addition to maximizing talent and resources, virtual teams boost employee retention by up to 50% and productivity by up to 43%. Virtual management, is the supervision, and leadership of staff.

Virtual Employee Recruitment Professional
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Virtual Recruiters employ the use of virtual job fairs, social media, recruitment software to find the best candidates. Recruiters also run online interviews through applications such as Skype, Hangouts, Facebook to pre-screen candidates for positions.

Business Development Executive Professional
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The Methodology for Business Development & Business-to-Business Sales is to learn methods to develop new customer relationships, maintain current customer relations. In this program, students will learn business development strategies. Receive Free Laptop to Keep.

Small Business Management
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The Small Business Management Program will teach students about the most critical areas in small business management. Earn Professional Certificates. Resume-worthy Skills. Receive $1,000.00 incentive for completing program. Free Laptop to Keep. Call Us Today!

Social Media Sales Professional
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Social Media Sales Professionals work to promote and strengthen a companies’ brand(s) by using of social media platforms. Learn Social Media Sales Fundamentals. What is social media? What is sales? Receive $500.00 incentive for completing program. Free Laptop to Keep.

Corporate Event Planner
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Participants will learn how to create, develop, market, and manage greener events, corporate events, best practices for virtual events, and the expanding event management industry. Event planners are often an integral part of a successful event.

Virtual Customer Service Support Representative
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The foundation for businesses success is quality customer service; program participants learn to build life-long customer relationships by developing effective customer-care strategies. Participants will learn various hands-on and interactive scenarios. Call Us!

Office Executive Administrative Assistant
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The Office Executive Administrative Assistant program is designed to prepare students for an entry level position as an executive administrative assistant. The program will cover important business concepts such as accounting, office, communications, and more. Featured On Fox 2