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How to Become a Successful Virtual Assistant and Customer Service Professional

A Virtual Assistant, or Virtual Administrative Assistant, is responsible for providing remote assistance to business management professionals. Their duties include conducting research and organizing data, interacting with customers or clients on their employer’s behalf and performing additional clerical duties like updating calendars or sorting documents. Virtual assistants need to be able to do everything for their clients they would do in the clients' office, only from their own home or shared office space. They must act as professionally as an in-office employee even if they're at home in their sweatpants and T-shirt with their cat on their lap.

How to Become a Successful Customer Service Support Professional

Customer Support Specialist responsibilities include resolving customer queries, recommending solutions and guiding product users through features and functionalities. To be successful in this role, you should be an excellent communicator who’s able to earn our clients’ trust. Ultimately, you will help establish our reputation as a company that offers excellent customer support during all sales and after-sales procedures. Responsibilities are limited to: Respond to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via phone, email or chat. Update our internal databases with information about technical issues and useful discussions with customers.

How to Become a Successful Employee Recruiter Professional

Recruiters are responsible for meet hiring goals by filling open positions with talented and qualified candidates. They are generally responsible for the full life cycle of the recruiting process. This entails sourcing and screening candidates, coordinating the interview process, and facilitating offers and employment negotiations, all while ensuring candidates have a pleasant experience. The best recruiters are detail oriented and have excellent interpersonal skills. Responsibilities are not limited to: Onboard new employees in order to become fully integrated. Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process. Promoting company’s reputation as “best place to work”.

Workplace Diversity Certificate For Michigan Employees
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Diversity is a crucial element of who we are as a society, but even now, in 2021, some businesses are struggling with the concept. While missteps can and do happen to the best of businesses when it comes to the sensitivity and being all-inclusive, how a company chooses to go about fixing the mistakes can make all the difference.

Social Media Business Marketing Certificate
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Showing up when customers are searching online is more important than ever. Ensure customers can find accurate, updated information about your local business online, no matter which device they use. In this workshop, you will learn how to create and use text, photos, and videos, to create a positive experience for customers.

Social Media Video Marketing Certificate
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Social recruiting is a fantastic way to tap into a targeted audience of job seekers. Most companies find it easy to post daily and engage users on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but they often overlook YouTube. If you aren’t using YouTube to recruit you are missing out. Get best practices for creating a YouTube Channel.