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Financial Assistance

Hired In Michigan Career Institute offers variety of different payment assistance programs to choose from to help you achieve your personal and professional career goals. As noted below, some of these sources you can qualify for, while others require an application. Your career consultant at Hired In Michigan Career Institute can help you identify the funding sources available to you and help you get started in your program of choice.

  • AM I ELIGIBLE to receive benefits while pursuing Hired In Michigan Career Institute?

    • The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency states that a worker who is in a training or educational program approved by the Michigan Works! Agency can request a waiver to continue receiving unemployment benefits during training, even though they are not ‘available for and seeking full time work.’
    • To be eligible, the representatives will want to see that:
    • You are collecting regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits
    • Reasonable opportunities for employment in occupations which your experience is suited for do not exist in the locality where you are claiming benefits
    • The vocational training has been approved by the local Workforce Development Board
    • Hired In Michigan Career Institute is listed on Michigan’s official training provider list, Michigan Training Connect
    • You have the required aptitudes to complete the course

    WHAT IS THE PROCESS to receive a waiver of unemployment insurance eligibility?

    • From your local Michigan Works! Agency, request a copy of the Request for Approval of Vocational Training Course for Waiver of Unemployment Insurance Eligibility (Form DLEG-BWT 311-S)
    • Complete Section A and return the form to the MWA worker to send to the Unemployment Insurance Office
    • Unemployment Insurance will evaluate the waiver request and approve or deny
    • If approved, file Form UIA 1680, Certification of Participation in Approved Training by mail or fax, showing Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s approval of your participation.
    • Certify eligibility every two weeks online through MiWAM

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  • State Launches Michigan Reconnect Program Offering Free Tuition to Eligible Adults The new Michigan Reconnect program provides eligible adults age 25 or older with the opportunity to earn a tuition-free associate degrees or skills certificates at their local, in-district community colleges or select private training schools.

    The goal is to help people prepare for in-demand careers in manufacturing, construction, information technology, health care and business management. This program is directly aligned with Oakand80 program and its objective of having 80 percent of the adults in Oakland County obtain a post-secondary degree or credential by 2030.

    Click Here Apply For Michigan Reconnect,9968,7-417-102946---,00.html

  • Eligible job seekers may qualify for tuition assistance to help them pay for the cost of learning new skills or upgrading existing skills. Funding is limited and attendance at a Career Assistance Program Enrollment Session is required.

  • The Office of Postsecondary Financial Planning, located within the Michigan Department of Treasury, encourages students to pursue postsecondary education by providing equality of access to student financial resources and information. Through the administration of various student financial assistance programs, students receive the guidance and funding necessary to pursue their educational goals.

    The Office of Postsecondary Financial Planning strives to help students from birth to beyond college graduation. Let us help you with funding, tools, and resources on how you can afford college in Michigan!

    Learn about the State of Michigan's financial aid programs, eligibility criteria, and application deadlines at,4636,7-372-89024---,00.html

  • The Youth Program provides opportunities such as paid work experience, on-the-job training (OJT), tuition assistance, mentoring and real life learning opportunities to eligible youths. The program stresses education and job experience as prerequisites to a successful future. For more information, click here.

  • Short-term On-the-Job (OJT) and vocational classroom training funded by the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to provide dislocated workers, unemployed, and underemployed adults with career training and skill upgrades. Note: Training in longer-term degreed programs is not available at this time. Funding is limited and attendance at a Career Assistance Program Enrollment Session is required. To register for the next available enrollment session, click here. For more information, email Sue at 248-823-5115

  • Hired In Michigan Career Institute is approved to accept students who are eligible to receive Veteran’s Administration Educational Benefits (G.I. Bill). Need help picking out the right educational benefits? This website will help you understand which Chapter or active benefit best fits you: Best Educational Benefits for You. Please contact

  • The Department of Defense (DoD) Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA ) program provides up to $4,000 of Financial Assistance for military spouses who are pursuing degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to employment in Portable Career Fields. For more information, contact a Please contact Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s VA SCO Consultant at 248-237-3600 for more information or click link here

  • VR&E’s primary benefit program is vocational rehabilitation services for veterans who have a service-connected disability of 10% and higher. To receive services a veteran must be found both eligible and entitled. The desired outcome of these services is to lead disabled veteransto suitable employment that is consistent with their aptitudes and interests or achieving independence in their daily living.

    Follow link for more information on the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) VetSuccess Program. Please contact Please contact Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s career consultant at 248-237-3600 for more information.

  • You may be eligible for funding to assist with the cost of training if you are unemployed and/or a “dislocated” worker (such as those who lose their jobs because of permanent layoffs or plant closings), Receiving Unemployment payments or Unemployment benefits expired or Have Bridge card or working but low income or Youth ( 18-24) unemployed. Hired In Michigan Career Institute is an approved Eligible Training Provider (authorized to accept the WIOA funding) in Michigan. For further information on the WIOA program, contact local One-Stop Career Center through this link: Once approved, call Hired In Michigan Career Institute career consultant complete all of the necessary paperwork to secure the funding prior to enrollment. Contact Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s career consultant at 248-237-3600 for more information.

  • The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program is a federal entitlement program established under the Trade Act of 1974, as amended. The TAA program provides aid to workers who lose their jobs or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of increased imports. TAA offers a variety of benefits and re-employment services to assist unemployed workers in preparing for and obtaining suitable employment. Workers may be eligible for training, job search and relocation allowances, income support, and other re-employment services. Individuals must be approved by the local workforce development agency to receive this type of funding. For more information about TAA funding visit or mention this program to a Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s career consultant at 248-237-3600 for more information.

    Oakland County Michigan Works Contacts

  • For low-income families, the PATH program provides:

    • Work supports and education/training opportunities to help them get good paying jobs that move their families out of poverty.
    • A broader and more intensive range of services, including job placement assistance, job readiness services, remedial education, training, high school completion, post secondary education, and ongoing post-employment supports and services.

    You must be approved by the local workforce development agency to receive this type of funding. .For more information about the program, please contact a Hired In Michigan Career Institute’s career consultant at 248-237-3600 for more information.

  • The purpose of the National Dislocated Worker Grant program is to temporarily expand service capacity at the state and local levels by providing time-limited funding assistance in response to significant dislocation events. Significant events are those that create a sudden need for assistance that cannot reasonably be expected to be accommodated within the on-going operations of the formula-funded Dislocated Worker program, including the discretionary resources reserved at the state level.

    For more information and assistance about the program,

  • MRS is the federally mandated general public rehabilitation agency in Michigan which provides an array of services for persons with disabilities to prepare for, attain and maintain employment, self-sufficiency and an independent lifestyle. MRS is housed within the Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG) and is federally funded with a required state match. The MRS full-time civil service staff nears 550, with approximately 260 certified master’s level Rehabilitation Counselors, who work with customers in job exploration, job training and placement. MRS has 36 offices located geographically across the state with counselors located in each Michigan Works! One Stop Service Centers. Review MRS Service location map click here

  • Hired In Michigan Career Institute is approved to participate in tuition assistance and scholarship programs provided by UAW-Chrysler, UAW-Ford and UAW-GM for employees, retirees, and their eligible dependent children. Contact your local union to determine your eligibility. We also accept tuition reimbursement from your employer. Click Link For Program Details

  • We’re happy to help you advance your career, and believe money should not be an impediment to your success. Sometimes making an investment in your future requires financial assistance and resources that students aren’t aware are available to them. Hired In Michigan Career Institute is committed to helping to find the best solution for you. We have various student loans available through our financial partners. Click Link For Loan Programs

    Some common features of student loans include:

    • Inclusion of all educational expenses such as training costs, fees, books, exams, computer hardware and software.
    • Low interest rates.
    • Deferment options.
    • No prepayment penalties.
    • Repayment options.
  • Free College Scholarship Search - Find Free Money for College Search Over 3.7 Million College Scholarships & Grants About $19 Billion in Financial Aid to Help You Pay for College

    Student Resources

    There is free money out there to help you pay for college - you just have to know where to find it and how to apply for scholarships and grants. Use our free student resources and handouts to search colleges, keep track of important deadlines, get expert tips, and search over 3.7 million scholarships and grants, totaling nearly $19 billion.

    • Free College Scholarship Search at
    • U.S. Department of Education offers three kinds of grants

      • Discretionary grants: awarded using a competitive process.
      • Student loans or grants: to help students attend college.
      • Formula grants: uses formulas determined by Congress and has no application process.
      • Review website for details

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